A Copywriting Lesson from Dr. Seuss

A Copywriting Lesson from Dr. Seuss

Trying to find ideas for your next advertising and marketing communication? Try the kids’s bookshelf.

Dr. Seuss has actually entertained young (and also old) audiences for virtually half a century with titles such as The Pet cat in the Hat, Get on Pop as well as Green Eggs as well as Pork.

The reason his books stay so prominent claims something regarding what makes for good writing (and also reading), regardless of who or where the target market is.

Nouns and also Verbs

Absolutely nothing maintains viewers relocating like solid noun-verb mixes. If the sentence were a train, nouns and verbs would certainly be the engine. Adjectives, adverbs and the various other parts of speech make the train much longer and slower. Dr. Seuss’ sentences have solid engines drawing light tons to keep visitors relocating down the tracks.

Lots of Durations

A result of getting rid of the supplementary words is much shorter sentence length. Great deals of periods. Paradoxically, even more sentences of much shorter length boost reviewing rate as well as comprehension. Dr. Seuss, as are numerous youngsters’s authors, is a champion of the brief sentence.

Creative imagination

Albert Einstein stated, “The present of fantasy has implied even more to me than my talent for soaking up favorable understanding.” Were it except creativity, there would be no Cat in the Hat and also no Dr. Seuss. Imagination is the start of copywriting due to the fact that initially there need to be a concept or idea.


Dr. Seuss’ books are fun to check out. They’re funny, also, yet that’s not the exact same thing. Fun to review is material that’s amusing and uncomplicated for viewers, an outstanding criterion for all creating.


Dr. Seuss’ publications are written in verse. Naturally they’re lyrical. Nevertheless, this goes beyond silly rhymes. There are a sound and also rhythm to the words that, like a favorite tune, you don’t mind hearing over and over. Great writing of all ranges is pleasing to the eye and also ear.


Kids have attention deficit disorder. Dr. Seuss knows just how to tell a story without unneeded detours. Every word counts. That’s great advice for all who create copy since children aren’t the just one with attention deficit disorder.


This is the base test for all composing. Did viewers take something away? Was their time well invested? The Feline in the Hat is a story about having a good time, also on a rainy day. Now that’s worthwhile analysis.

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